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About Savings Account

Saving money habit will improve the quality of life and will help you to feel better and to sleep better. One will be happier knowing he/she has some money aside for unexpected expenses and look forward to achieve some of their dreams. Kalptarushikha Nidhi Limited Limited has introduced uniquely designed “Saving Account” to inbuilt the habit of saving among its members.

Kalptarushikha Nidhi Limited Limited Offering Saving Account to its members with following attractive features:

Earn up to 6%p.a. from your Saving Account with us.

Truly Zero Balance Saving Account.

No Min AMB (Average Monthly Balance) Required, No Annual Fees for Maintenance

Minimum amount of deposit for opening a Saving Account with us is Rs. 100 only

Passbook and Monthly Account Statements will be provided.

The money can be withdrawn and deposited by using Withdrawal/Deposit slip in the concerned branch(es).

Nomination Facility available for Saving Account

To enable the depositor(s) to earn high rate of Interest below are the slabs for Interest Rates provided:

Average Monthly Balance Maintained Annual Interest Rate Applicable
Less than Rs. 10,000/- @4% p.a.
10,000 and above @6% p.a.

Nots For Savings Account:

It is mandatory to become a member in Kalptarushikha Nidhi Limited Limited to open a Saving Account.

It is Mandatory to complete the KYC Norms.

Saving Account is of continuing nature. There is no maximum period.

Loan will not be provided against the balance kept in Kalptarushikha Nidhi Limited Limited Saving Account.

Interest amount subject to TDS as per provisions of Sec 194A of the Income Tax Act 1961.

Rate of Interest for Senior Citizen/Armed forces/Women shall be 0.25% higher than normal prevailing interest rate on Saving Account.

Interest rates are subject to change at the sole discretion of the Kalptarushikha Nidhi Limited Limited.

Company reserves the right to alter or add to these rules at any time without any notice.

The information provided in this leaflet is generic in nature and for informational purposes only. It is not a substitute for specific advice in your own circumstances. For more details approach your nearest Kalptarushikha Nidhi Limited Limited’s office.