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About Deposits a Loan

In just 24 hours, A hassle-free application process and guaranteed approval means that you get the funds you require without delay. Apply for a Kalptarushikha Nidhi Limited Limited Loan Against Deposit for the best solution to your financial needs, from holidays, to weddings, to making a large purchase, to emergencies.

High Loan Value:
For a maximum of 75% of the deposited value of deposit and including the interest accrued on the deposit

Minimal Documentation:
Single page documentation with guaranteed approval

Quick Processing:
Money in your bank account in 24 hours, so you get the funds you need quickly and easily

Flexible Repayment Options:
Repayment tenure up to the remaining tenure of the Deposit, post 90 days from the start of the Deposit

No Extra Charges:
No foreclosure and part-prepayment charges, to make the loan more affordable for you Fulfil your financial needs easily and quickly.

Min and Max Loan Size:
Every Member can avail loan from ₹1,000 to a maximum of ₹2 Lacs.

Pledge of Term Deposit / Recurring deposit Receipt.

1Anyone who is the member of Kalptarushikha Nidhi Limited Limited can apply for Loan Against Deposit (LAD).

2Member must have 90 days old active deposit scheme (i.e. F.D., R.D. & M.I.S) with Kalptarushikha Nidhi Limited Limited on date of application for Loan Against Deposit (LAD).

The rate of interest on your Loan Against Deposit (LAD) is linked to Interest Rate against Applicant’s Term Deposit / Recurring deposit with Kalptarushikha Nidhi Limited Limited and will be mentioned on the sanction letter provided at the time of loan disbursement.