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Group LOAN

About Group Loan

With attractive schemes, easy repayment options & lowest interest rates, S hree Ganesh finance group Limited, Anyone who is the member of Kalptarushikha Nidhi Limited Limited & owns Group ornaments can apply for Group loan

Kalptarushikha Nidhi Limited Limited Offering Group Loan to its members with following attractive features:

Avail Group Loan for any amount between ₹1,000 to a maximum of ₹2 Lacs.

Loans are available for periods ranging from one month to one year.

Our Group loan schemes fall broadly into two categories:

High loan to value:
These schemes offers the maximum amount of loan per Gram. At the same time in keeping with the extra risk, the interest cost to the borrower is higher.

Low interest rate:
In this category, the interest rates are lower but the Loan to Value (LTV) is also comparatively less.

Our products are well tailored not only to the income group of the member, but to relevant considerations like how much loan members would like to avail against jewellery, and their comfort levels with respect to the interest rate and periodicity of repayment of interest and principal.

Loan Amount
  • Minimum amount is INR 15,000
  • Maximum amount is INR 60,000
Age of Applicant
  • Between 18 to 58 years
Loan Tenure
  • Maximum 24 months
  • Group guarantee
Processing Fee
  • 0 - 2% plus applicable GST
Interest Rates
  • Enjoy highly competitive interest rates ranging from 22% - 26% p.a.