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About Fixed Deposit

Kalptarushikha Nidhi Limited Limited Offering attractive interest for various tenures on F.D. to its members with following attractive features:

Earn up to 12%p.a. from your Fixed Deposit with Kalptarushikha Nidhi Limited Limited.

Min amount of deposit for opening a F.D. with Kalptarushikha Nidhi Limited Limited is Rs. 1000 only.

Avail Quick Loan Against your F.D. (Up to 80% of principal & accrued interest)

Safe custody of your FD receipts & automatic renewal on completion of tenure.

Rate of Interest for Senior Citizen/Armed forces/Women shall be 0.25% higher than normal prevailing interest rate on Fixed Deposit Scheme.

Nots For Fixed Deposit:

It is Mandatory to become a member in Kalptarushikha Nidhi Limited Limited & Complete the KYC Norms.

Nomination Facility available for Deposits.

Interest rates are subject to change at the sole discretion of the Kalptarushikha Nidhi Limited Limited.

To enable the depositor(s) to earn high rate of Interest below are the slabs for Interest Rates provided:

Fixed Deposit(FD)

मासिक जमा योजना 1000 रु के गुणांक में

Period Rate of Interest Deposit Amount Maturity Amount
12 Month 09.00% 10,000 10,930
24 Month 10.00% 10,000 12,184
36 Month 11.00% 10,000 13,847
48 Month 11.50% 10000 16,047
60 Month 12.00% 10000 18,061